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I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page and wished there was a “Superlike” button. This is pretty much me all day long. I am full of random thoughts, in random places at random times. The funny thing is , is that they are not always as random as I think. Because although these thoughts present themselves as seemingly random, the majority of them are not fleeting. They pop up and stay up. I am sometimes amazed at what comes to mind but then I stay with  them, mulling them over. playing with them, inviting them to stay a while and pull up a chair. And that is why I am now here writing this down in this way.

Jesus follower

I grew up hearing about Jesus at home and at church. Then i grew up and started experiencing Jesus for myself.  Because I have a relationship with Him, I have gotten to know him and can truly say that  I love his forgiveness, his peace, his presence and his love for me.


Married to a man who makes me laugh! Ha is brilliant and kind. I am blessed to have him. He makes me beautiful in the ways that matter. Worth crossing an ocean for. So glad we have each other.


There are two boys in the world that amaze me, challenge me, puzzle me and  amuse me within about five minutes of waking up every day! I had no idea they were going to be be this much work or this much fun.

Once upon a time…

Canadian, daughter, sister, Habs fan, Alouettes fan, class clown, music lover, oatmeal cookie maker (loads of ’em), night owl  and late sleeper.

And now…

The same list above  applies except I can knit now. Oh and sadly,no more late sleeping… see Mommy section above.

Added bonuses

A white cane user, short and long. (Curious aren’t you?)

Parent learning about life on the Autistic Spectrum. (Not boring!)

These things totally spice up my life!

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